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Jeff Andrews Bass Player An Innovative Personality

By Myrtle Cash

Jeff Andrews bass player is a reputed guitarist who worked with many famous bands. He played with famous people and bands like Steps ahead, Tom Coster etc. He began to work with guitar since he was a child, neighborhood full of musicians inspired him to be a musician. He realized that he is surrounded with bands that can use a bass guitarist so he concentrated particularly on that.

He began training with his guitar in his early 13. With the regularly emerging opportunities in his area he got to work regularly. He got involved with many bands in that area. He states that he learned everything by hearing records. He studies the music in theory at Baltimore, Maryland. These all brushed his natural talent.

He got admitted in Berkley College of music to expand his knowledge in the field of music. He started his music professional carrier after going to New York. Many professional guides helped him to learn and play the guitar. He uses to say that he is still learning the skills from his frequent experiences. He just feels special with electric bass, generally he use to work with bass guitar and acoustic bass.

Electric is his favorite since his learning period. He started his carrier as a performer in a village bar where he used to perform with many other musicians. One instant he was searching for someone new to accompany him in his performance so he asked mike Stern and he said yes. This was the beginning of new friendship which lasted for long.

He loves studio and recordings so he built one of his own, he loves spending time there. He believes that he spent a lot of time in studio before he got settled and stared recording. He is planning to release his solo album soon with Art of Life Records. His tours of Germany and Austria were successful and many enjoyed them.

Along with performing he is a good music teacher. He works as a teacher in Manhattan School of Music and also he teaches privately. He love to play 4 and 5 strings and in many occasions he played string 6. Many of the people are the reason for his inspiration. As per him if someone want to be successful musician then he should listen good music. Hard working and planning is also a part of successful music life.

Reading and sailing are the hobbies of this famous performer. He states that bass guitar is tough to play compared to normal one; this takes years to experience to play it effectively. Electrical type is framed with longer neck which facilitates longer scales. Jazz and fusion genres make use of this along with other genres.

Jeff Andrews bass player is popular because of his innovative ideas in music industry. His future plan includes recording his tracks in his own studio. Just like every musician he loves making music which gives him his peace of mind. Budding musicians can learn some things from such personalities which help them to create their future.

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